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Event Marketing: How Steel Space Approaches Sustainability & The Environment

Posted by Guillaume Cloutier on Mar 17, 2020 5:33:33 PM

Steel Space Concepts implements continuous improvements in an effort to reach our sustainability initiatives and reduce our carbon footprint. Our units are designed with the intent of reducing environmental impact on the event, pop-up and experiential marketing industry as a whole. These efforts can be seen through the overall design of our units.

Sustainable Features Hydraulic and Activation Ready Series

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Factors Affecting the Steel Space Concepts Production Timeline

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Mar 3, 2020 3:22:01 PM

When an agency or brand purchases or rents a unit from Steel Space Concepts, there are several factors which affect the unit production timeline. In general, factors which are taken into consideration include: seasonality and unit availability, initial discussions and client approval process needed to lock down and freeze the design, and design complexity affecting manufacturing and/or modification time.


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Retail Transformation: How Fashion Brands Thrive Using Retail Pop-Ups

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Feb 12, 2020 4:16:40 PM

Traditional retail has been evolving due to increased pressures from eCommerce focused online retailers and an increased focus on the retail brand experience. For fashion brands, there is increased importance on connecting with clients in various locations, at events or specific times of year. As such, experiential marketing and pop-up shops have become integrated into the marketing strategies of both niche brands and larger retailers as an effective tool to connect with clients and increase overall brand awareness. In this month’s blog, we’ll be examining how several brands including: Vera Bradley, Herschel, and Lands’ End effectively utilized Steel Space Concepts pop-up retail shipping container units for pop-up activations and tours.

Vera Bradley

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Using Branding & Branded Components on Your Steel Space Concepts Unit

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Dec 18, 2019 3:48:33 PM

During an experiential activation, ensuring that your brand is clearly visible and recognizable to foot traffic, dwellers and those interacting with your unit is the most important factor in determining the success of your event. Steel Space Concepts experiential shipping containers are available with multiple areas to display branding for on-lookers during an activation. External branding, internal branding, televisions, interactive media and product showcases are some of the ways that agencies and brands have effectively branded their units.

Paint, Displays and Vinyl Graphics

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How Automotive Brands Use Steel Space Concepts to Connect with Clients

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Nov 15, 2019 3:05:09 PM

Steel Space Concepts caters to a variety of automotive brands. From auto manufacturers, OEM and aftermarket suppliers, we supply solutions for experiential marketing, events, trade shows and pop-up shops. This month’s blog will examine how our clients use Experiential and Pop-Up shipping containers for auto shows, pop-up dealerships, trade shows and more.

Auto Shows

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Creating and Measuring KPIs During an Activation

Posted by Guillaume Cloutier on Oct 17, 2019 3:51:25 PM

After an experiential marketing activation or pop-up, customers want to evaluate success using a number of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) dependent on the objective of the activation. For some, overall sales during a pop-up shop activation may be the key metric, but for others, focusing on brand activation and awareness, other KPIs like attendance, booth visitors, and retention time give a clearer view of effectiveness. Today’s blog will be going over the KPIs and potential ROIs involved in experiential marketing and activations with your Steel Space Concepts Experiential Shipping container unit.

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Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Sep 10, 2019 4:23:04 PM

A great way to interact with customers as a food related brand or business is to serve geographic areas and reach new demographics with the use of a food truck, however, did you know that our custom shipping container units can be used as an alternative? This month’s blog post will examine the advantages that our units have over traditional food trucks in relation to deployment, available space, equipment customizability and more.


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Should you Buy or Rent a Shipping Container for your Pop-Up Event?

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on Aug 13, 2019 11:25:28 AM

There are multiple reasons as to why our clients choose to purchase one of our pop-up shipping container units over renting and vice versa. Reasons include activation duration, budget, locations and the overall intended purpose of the activation. This blog post will examine those reasons and guide you as to which solution is most appropriate for your event.

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5 Advantages of Shipping Containers for Retail Space

Posted by Guillaume Cloutier on Jul 10, 2019 10:57:03 AM

Looking to market to new clients, to connect with new demographics or launch a new product? We have the solution for you. Steel Space Concepts converts shipping containers into Pop-Up shops for mobile retail. Why shipping containers? Well the topic of today's post will be looking at just that.

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Turnkey Solutions: From Conception to Activation

Posted by Guillaume Cloutier on Jun 12, 2019 10:26:09 AM

Steel Space Concepts offers a full range of design, engineering and manufacturing services to fulfill your experiential marketing needs. With quality products, and the creativity of our team of experienced professionals, we transform ideas into solutions and execute each step from installation to on-site activation.

Origins of Experiential Shipping Containers
Over the last 10 years, we have developed a robust, reliable and durable product. Our experiential units can be modified and adapted to the needs of each client offering customization in terms of its structure, design and technology.

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