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Event Marketing: How Steel Space Approaches Sustainability & The Environment

Posted by Guillaume Cloutier on Mar 17, 2020 5:33:33 PM

Steel Space Concepts implements continuous improvements in an effort to reach our sustainability initiatives and reduce our carbon footprint. Our units are designed with the intent of reducing environmental impact on the event, pop-up and experiential marketing industry as a whole. These efforts can be seen through the overall design of our units.

Sustainable Features Hydraulic and Activation Ready Series

1) How We source Our Units

Our Hydraulic series units are sourced from maritime shipping containers (sea containers). When these containers become too damaged for shipping use, Steel Space Concepts acquires them and converts them into experiential marketing, event and pop-up units. Our in-house design and fabrication team breathes new life and purpose into otherwise damaged or obsolete containers.

2) Deployment Features

In an effort to further reduce our overall environmental impact, all our turnkey units are designed to be operated with minimal equipment. They are self-deploying, equipped with electrical and hydraulic systems. As a result, additional emissions coming from crane or forklift use can be minimized.

3) Standard and Optional Equipment & Finishes

Equipment and finishes in mind have also been chosen with sustainability in mind. Our units often use ecological and bio-degradable paint and vinyl options for branding, low power LED lighting systems, recycled floor and furnishing materials and optional roof-mounted solar panels for power generation (as opposed to external electrical sources or generators). The goal is to keep overall electricity consumption to a minimum.

4) Reusable Design

All of our units are designed to be re-usable. They’re available for rent or purchase and can be re-finished and re-branded if required. We also offer continued service support to ensure that the unit remains functional. We take care to ensure that materials are re-cycled or re-used.

With proper planning and implementation agencies and businesses can reduce the overall carbon footprint of their events by ensuring that sustainable activation displays and units are deployed, and that activations occur in spaces with optimal foot traffic to maximize your event ROI. For more details read our blog on measuring ROI click here. If you require more information on our units contact us.

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