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TOP 5 Advantages of Hydraulic Containers for Marketing Events

Posted by Dominique Fontecilla on May 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to accomplish work with only a small amount of force. By integrating hydraulic mechanics into modified shipping containers, Steel Space Concepts provides versatile promotional spaces at the push of a button!

1. Lower Transportation Costs
Hydraulic, electrical lifting and leveling system allows the unit to be self-sufficient when it comes to loading and unloading from the truck, thus reducing transportation costs. Traditional container overhead cranes and heavy duty fork-lifts are expensive to rent or buy, require a licensed operator and increase fuel consumption during transport.
Check out this info-graphic on transportation:


2. Quick Deployment and Setup
Hydraulic containers are designed for safe effortless handling and quick deployment with minimal staff. Loading or unloading from the truck can be done much faster which allows you to attend more locations in a shorter period of time.

3. Flexible Deployment Location
Our hydraulic shipping containers can be loaded and unloaded in confined spaces, even in the presence of overhead obstruction. Their levelling system adapts to all types of terrains, which is very convenient for remote locations. Check out this activation at Osheaga:


4. Protect the Material inside the Container
Contrarily to tipping trailer truck delivery, which is not safe for internal material and can cause container wear overtime, hydraulic legs lift systems provide an efficient way to move the unit while preserving its exterior and interior states intact.

5. Easy to Use and Efficient System
A control panel located at the back of our containers gives the operator full control of the unit’s simple hydraulic system for easy setup. In addition to the hydraulic legs which offer an effective way to move the unit, the self-leveling system also provides peace of mind and protects the contents of the container. Read the product sheet for additional details:


Easy to transport, quick to set up and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage all year around, these units attract attention and make sure you stand out in the crowd.

Want to learn more about our hydraulic shipping containers? Visit our website or give us a call at 1-877-574-7979.

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